Kamis, 29 April 2010

tulisan 10

Life without love is like food without salt. Therefore, go for a love like you're short on time and if you've got the love, keep it like you take care of yourself. Truly love is the gift of God Almighty.

tulisan 9

Sometimes we are too busy with things so trivial, so we forgot to finish the great task awaiting us actually have to be resolved. Try again you audit what you have done in 1 (one) month, there may be some things that should be resolved quickly at the beginning or middle of the month.

tulisan 8

Nothing is more noble than being a good person and doing good, but the money could pay for good service will never be paid off. Nothing forbids us untukmencari wealth, fame, or power provided by all that we are happy without hurting people.
Loving without difficulty, without hurt, but love to be happy. Love that is independent

tulisan 7

No one knows the future, which I know is that I see, feel, hear and kuraba today. Difficult happy, sad happy that I had, nothing more. I do not know what will happen next let alone tomorrow, after tomorrow ato next year. All I know is the desire to stay alive with all the beauty of the world that I have.

tulisan 6

Life must be lived and many are saying like that .. but it makes no difference if only lived alone without a clear direction and purpose. Indeed we can only plan and God disposes. Making a decision in life is a very historic event. Making a decision means we sudha make the purpose of the journey of life. With the aim of

tulisan 5

If a relationship is terminated because the injured heart aches remembering all the sweet memories with him. Sense of disappointment, felt worthless, and also in vain. Perhaps the feeling that you can wear consideration if you want to end today with a hunbungan only reason you know. Certainly there would be an acceptable hurt though

tulisan 4

though I could not sing melodious
although wind me how rarely approached
Here I like the mountain ..
always save every smile manismu
your eyes are always longing gaze
and although the move say agin passed
and fog
still no trace your steps here
who always encouraged the day - my day
I'm still here for you